You can make a difference!

Our volunteers have a direct impact on the lives of our community's most vulnerable victims. Check out the different areas below where you can get involved as a volunteer.

Volunteer Application Process

Thank you for your interest in joining the volunteer team at Scotty’s House. Our volunteers have a direct impact on the lives of our community's most vulnerable victims. From greeting child clients and their families at our facility to helping with fundraisers and awareness activities, we need your help.

With your support, we can continue to provide safety, healing, and justice for children victimized by abuse. In addition to volunteer opportunities, Scotty’s House also offers both Program and Counseling Internships. These positions offer our interns a unique experience in the field of non-profit and child advocacy. For more information about our internship programs, please email

The President's Volunteer Service Award logo

The President's Council on Service and Civic Participation founded the President’s Volunteer Service Award in 2003 to recognize the important role of volunteers in America’s strength and national identity. This award honors those whose service positively impacts communities in every corner of the nation and inspires those around them to also take action. The PVSA has continued under each presidential administration, honoring the volunteers who are using their time and talents to solve some of the toughest challenges facing our nation. The PVSA allows Scotty's House to recognize our most exceptional volunteers.

Family Care

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When children are brought to Scotty’s House to receive forensic services, Family Care Volunteers (FCs) welcome these child clients and their non-offending family members to our center. FCs also provide support for our counseling program by monitoring our counseling waiting area and assisting our therapists with clients. The primary goal of the FC is to help make our child clients feel welcome and comfortable while visiting our agency.

Scotty’s House

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Scotty’s House Ambassadors provide a variety of support for our agency including: staffing our agency information booth at health fairs, assisting with Child Abuse Prevention Month activities during April, helping with fundraisers, decorating for seasons/holidays, assisting with our annual Star Program at Christmas, and providing support at other activities involving the agency.


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There are two Medical Volunteer opportunities at Scotty's House. On-Site Medical (OSM) Volunteers assist our forensic medical staff during on-site forensic medical exams completed at our facility. Medical Accompaniment Volunteers (MAVs) respond to the Baylor Scott & White Emergency Department in College Station to provide informational and support services to child clients who receive forensic medical exams at the hospital.


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There are two types of Virtual Volunteers at Scotty's House. Our standard Virtual Volunteers provide technical assistance for Scotty’s House by completing tasks via the internet through a home or work computer. Our Direct-Service Virtual Volunteers (DSVVs) serve as a child client's mentor, buddy, and/or tutor while the child is receiving counseling services with our agency.