Donate Stocks or Securities

A Simple, Efficient Way to Give

Gifts of stocks are easy to make and may offer more significant tax advantages than cash gifts. A gift of appreciated securities provides considerable benefits, including an immediate charitable deduction for the full market value of the stock and avoidance of capital gains taxes that would normally be due upon sale.

Donations of stocks and appreciated securities allow us to ensure every child at Scotty’s House receives the essential healing services they deserve. logo

To transfer shares to Scotty’s House, donate directly via
Please consult your broker/agent with any questions prior to initiating the transfer.

Year-end stock transfers

If you wish to make a gift of securities for the current tax year, start early to ensure that your gift will be completed by December 31. Gifts of stocks or securities often take several weeks longer to process than a traditional cash gift. Delays are possible, especially at year-end. Contact your broker for their deadline to complete transfers by year-end.

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For information on how any gift may affect your tax situation, please consult with a professional advisor.